Hey, I’m Anna. Food lover, recipe developer & writer of this blog. Food for me is all about being adventurous and having fun in the kitchen. My recipes are full of big and bold flavours, using colourful and fresh ingredients. Join me on my food travels with delicious vegan recipes!

About me

My name is Anna and I live in Belgium. I studied food & catering but learned most about cooking and recipe developing by being in the kitchen. To me food is about big and bold flavours and sometimes adventurous combinations. I believe that the best food comes from the heart, isn’t it? For my recipes I take a lot of inspiration from around the world.

About this blog

On my blog Chillies for Chocolate, I’ll be writing about my passion: vegan food! I started this blog after losing my partner in a car accident. The name “Chillies for Chocolate” refers to our joined love for food. I’m the chilli fan, my boyfriend was crazy about chocolate. Cooking food and writing this blog, my thoughts are always with my Love.

About my recipes

My blog is a mixed bag, and it’s not a representation of how I eat all of the time. During the week, I love to eat healthy and wholesome food. But I also believe in treating yourself. It’s all about balance!

I also try to keep a balance between quick and easy to prep recipes, and more time consuming dishes with a catering twist. This challenges me to be more creative in the kitchen.

Being a qualified caterer, I believe that the presentation of food is as important as taste. Nothing more mouth-watering than a well-presented plate of food.

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