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Green Lizard Bowls…

Japanese noodle bowls with spiralized cucumber, edamame beans & wakame. This noodle bowl with spiralized cucumber is light and refreshing. It’s packed with nutrients and is incredible delicious! SEAWEED… Are you on team love it or team hate it? I know, the thought of adding something from the sea to your salad might sound kinda […]

Burgers & Co, Gluten Free, Indian

Tandoori – Chickpea Burgers with Minty Yogurt, Mango Chutney & Spiced Coconut Crunch

Scary delicious tandoori burgers! Crispy toasted burger buns, topped with tandoori spiced chickpea patties, mango chutney, minty yogurt plus chilli – coconut crunch. Say hello to my tandoori burgers! Growing up, I didn’t like burgers… or any food you should eat with your hands for that matter. I really didn’t like the feeling of sticky […]

Herb & Spice Blends, Indian

Tandoori Masala

Homemade tandoori masala. I have been making my own spice blends for years. If you ever made a homemade spice blend, you’ll never buy another supermarket mix. Why making your own spice blends? a homemade masala tstes fresher; the mix is adapted to your personal prefereces; no artificial preservatives or colouring agents. Tandoori masala. Often […]

The Bakery

Pesto – Feta Swirl Buns

Herby pesto swirl buns with vegan feta cheese! These swirl rolls are kind of addictive. I’ve made them a few times now, and they seem to disappear before they touch the table. Imagine… a light and fluffy dough, swirled with homemade pesto and melty feta cheese. YEAH! Let’s talk about the dough first. So soft, […]

Asian, Seitan

Sticky Korean BBQ Seitan Ribz

Spicy, sweet & tangy Korean BBQ ribz with homemade sauce! These vegan Korean BBQ ribz are juicy, spicy and sweet. And more, they are darn easy to prepare. Make ‘em, love ‘em! About GOCHUJANG Gochujang is a Korean fermented red chilli paste. It’s savoury, it’s spicy, it’s sweet with that all important umami flavour. It’s […]