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Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing, Chillies for Chocolate style! This vegan ranch dressing is creamy, it’s tangy, and it’s made with fresh herbs to create that perfect taste. Living in Belgium, ranch dressing was a new thing to me. But new, in such a gooooood way! Maybe it’s the creaminess, maybe it’s the fresh herbs or maybe it’s […]

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Tofu Feta

Tofu feta, Chillies for Chocolate style! Some things should be in the vegan fridge at all times, like this tofu feta. And I’m certainly not the first person posting a recipe for tofu feta. But it’ s such a great basic ingredient that I decided to share my version. This tofu feta makes a great […]

Basic Recipes, x Gluten Free x

Coconut Bacon

Vegan coconut “bacon” that’s smoky, sweet and crunchy! As a vegan I don’t crave meat nor bacon at all. What I do miss sometimes are big and smoky flavours. The answer; coconut bacon! This stuff is: crunchy smoky sweet salty This coconut bacon is 100% VEGAN and gluten free. It’s incredible easy to make and […]