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Midnight Black Berry Pancakes

Black charcoal pancakes topped with blueberry compote, fresh raspberries & almonds. Have you ever tried black charcoal in a recipe? It’s one of the biggest health trends that makes the most stunning black food creations! It even seems to take over the unicorn trend. I’ve always been I huge fan of black food, it looks […]

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Ginger Lover’s Granola

Triple ginger homemade granola recipe. This granola is full of warming ginger fall flavour. It’s perfect on top of a smoothie bowl, yogurt or your favourite non-diary milk. It’s been a bit quiet on my page. I’ve been in and out of hospital for the last week so blogging (and cooking) has been slow. And […]

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Hazelnut – Chocolate Chia & Oat Breakfast Parfaits with Figs

Delicious make-ahead breakfast parfaits with chia pudding, overnight oats & figs. Fresh figs are such a beautiful and delightful treat. Time to enjoy ‘em, because the season comes and goes so quickly they can fly under your radar easily. So breakfast parfaits with fresh figs it is! These jars combine hazelnut chia pudding with chocolate […]