Creamy Kiwi – Apple Breakfast Smoothie

Creamy breakfast smoothie with kiwi & apple, topped with granola.

This smoothie is simple, yet so delicious. I really enjoy a good smoothie, and drink them on a regular basis. For me, starting the day with a smoothie or having it as an afternoon pick-me-up is a powerful source of natural energy. It leaves me feeling refreshed and energized for a long time, ready to take on the day without that crash later. Win-win!

For today’s smoothie I made a combo of kiwi and apple. The smoothie gets a creamy texture by adding cashews and is naturally sweetened with dates. Finally a sprinkle of granola for extra energy, you can use homemade or store bought.

What’s your favourite smoothie?


You get out what you put in it!

Creamy Kiwi – Apple Breakfast Smoothie

vegan, gluten free, soy free



Makes 2 smoothies:


For the smoothie:

1 medium apple, peeled & chopped

2 green kiwi’s, peeled & chopped (green or yellow)

4 tbsp cashews

1 medjool date, chopped

⅓ cup water

A few ice cubes


Granola of choice (GF if needed)

Apple, sliced

Kiwi, sliced



Blend the ingredients for the smoothie until smooth. Top with granola, apple & kiwi.

Serve immediately.

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