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Chicken Style Seitan Sausages

Happy chicken sausages! Vegan or not, a good sausage is always a good idea! I present; my chicken style seitan sausages! Good for our tummy and the chickens! Vegan burgers and sausages can be quit pricy to buy at the supermarket. But why? Look at the ingredients, they’re pretty cheap and often the taste isn’t […]

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Summer Salad with Cantaloupe Melon, Coconut Bacon & Cheese Truffles

Refreshing summer salad featuring mini balls of cantaloupe, coconut bacon, & cheese truffles, garnished with walnuts + balsamic crema. This salad is based on a classic recipe; melon and prosciutto. Today I turned it into a vegan version, without the ham, with a “Anna” twist. arugula melon balls coconut bacon cheezy truffles walnuts balsamico crema A […]

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Coconut Bacon

Vegan coconut “bacon” that’s smoky, sweet and crunchy! As a vegan I don’t crave meat nor bacon at all. What I do miss sometimes are big and smoky flavours. The answer; coconut bacon! This stuff is: crunchy smoky sweet salty This coconut bacon is 100% VEGAN and gluten free. It’s incredible easy to make and […]