Pumpkin – Pecan Pie Milkshake

Frosty & creamy vegan pumpkin pie milkshake topped with pecans, whipping cream and caramel!

I love pumpkin pie and I love milkshakes… So why not put those together in one yummy treat?! And really, who can turn down a milkshake? Let alone a pumpkin pie milkshake. Not me.

Milkshakes are quick and easy to make. They consist of ice cream, milk and any other special flavours you want to add in. And let’s not forget the toppings, the toppings take the milkshake to another level.

As it’s the season for everything pumpkin, I got the idea for a pumpkin pie milkshake as a way to use up my leftover Pumpkin Ice Cream with Salted – Caramel Pecans.

And this milkshake has it all… A mild and creamy pumpkin flavour, crunchy pecans for the crust, vegan whip, pumpkin pie spice, caramel/cranberry sauce dripping down the sides… You guys, this is soooo good! Especially when the whipping cream starts to melt down into the shake and gets it even creamier than it was before. I’m seriously drooling right now! I mean just look at that frosty awesomeness!?

You could even add a splash of rum or bourbon and make this an adult milkshake! Just saying…

Obviously this is not a diet friendly kind of treat, but we only live once… Live healthy, and have a milkshake to stay happy!

About the perfect milkshake.

It takes some practice to find what type of consistency you want with your shakes. Some people prefer a little thicker consistency while others like it more liquidly so you can drink trough a straw with ease.

If you want a thicker shake, then reduce the liquid in the recipe. Slowly add more liquid little by little until you get the desired thickness.

If a thin milkshake is your selling point. Slowly add more liquid until the correct consistency.

Make the shake to fit your personal liking, and enjoy sipping or spooning!

This pumpkin pie milkshake makes the perfect afternoon pick me up, dessert or evening treat! It’s full of flavour and fun to serve.

…the MILKSHAKE moment…

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Pumpkin – Pecan Pie Milkshake

vegan, gluten free


Makes 1 large milkshake:


For the milkshake:

2 large scoops Pumpkin Ice Cream with Salted – Caramel Pecans

¾ cup non-diary milk of choice (I used soy)

For topping:

Vegan whip

~4 pecans, roughly chopped or salted – caramel pecans

Cranberry or caramel sauce

Pumpkin pie spice mix



Add the non-diary milk and ice cream to a blender, and quickly blend until well combined. Pour into a serving jar.

Top with vegan whip, chopped pecans, a drizzle of cranberry / caramel sauce and a final sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Enjoy!



Add a splash of dark rum or whiskey/bourbon for a boozy version!

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