Summer Salad with Cantaloupe Melon, Coconut Bacon & Cheese Truffles

Refreshing summer salad featuring mini balls of cantaloupe, coconut bacon, & cheese truffles, garnished with walnuts + balsamic crema.

This salad is based on a classic recipe; melon and prosciutto. Today I turned it into a vegan version, without the ham, with a Yanni twist.

  • arugula
  • melon balls
  • coconut bacon
  • cheezy truffles
  • walnuts
  • balsamico crema

A good salad combines sweet, salty, creamy and tangy flavours. In this case ripe fruity cantaloupe melon, sweet and smoky coconut bacon, creamy cheese truffles and some balsamic crema. The walnuts add a nutty crunch. Pair that with some mild bitter greens and you’ve hit the bullet point of taste!

This summer salad makes a perfect lunch or dinner. Share it with your family or friends.

A funny note…

Sometimes a recipe says: “arrange randomly on a plate”. If you should only know how much time “randomly” takes when taking pictures for this blog…




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Salad with Cantaloupe Melon, Coconut “Bacon” & Cheese Truffles

vegan, gluten free, soy free



Serves 4-6:


A few handful’s arugula leaves

1 cantaloupe melon, halved & pitted

Nutsy cheese truffles, coated with walnuts

½ cup coconut bacon


A few tbsp chopped walnuts

Walnut oil

Balsamic crema



Using a melon baller, scoop balls from the cantaloupe (or just at diced melon).

Arange arugula, melon balls, cheese truffles and coconut bacon randomly between 4 plates.

Garnish with chopped walnuts, drizzle with walnut oil & balsamic crème.

Serve with some crusty bread if desired.


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