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Rhubarb – Pink Peppercorn Lemonade + Cocktail

Delicious and refreshing lemonade that uses rhubarb and… pink peppercorns! Last year I posted a recipe for Sparkling Rhubarb – Vanilla Lemonade, a sweet and aromatic tasting summer drink. This year I opted for a totally unexpected combo with… pink peppercorns. About rhubarb. There are many varieties of rhubarb. The most important difference is the […]

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Chickpea Omelettes with Roasted Radishes & Garden Peas + Whipped Feta Dip

Spring celebration omelettes! Is there a better way to celebrate spring than with fresh veggies form the garden? This chickpea omelette recipe with roasted radishes & garden peas and whipped feta dip contains the best flavours of spring! It’s refreshing, slightly sweet from the peas, salty, with mild herby notes. First the chickpea omelettes. They’re […]