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Bánh Mì Hot Dogs

Vegan Bánh Mì hot dogs with homemade seitan sausages, pickled veggies, jalapenos, peanuts & sriracha mayo! Currently my house is under renovation, yesterday I got some help from a few friends. To thank them for their hard work and of course to feed ‘em, I made these hot dogs. Cause what can be better after […]


Chicken Style Seitan Sausages

Happy chicken sausages! Vegan or not, a good sausage is always a good idea! I present; my chicken style seitan sausages! Good for our tummy and the chickens! Vegan burgers and sausages can be quit pricy to buy at the supermarket. But why? Look at the ingredients, they’re pretty cheap and often the taste isn’t […]

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Tandoori Masala

Homemade tandoori masala. I have been making my own spice blends for years. If you ever made a homemade spice blend, you’ll never buy another supermarket mix. Why making your own spice blends? a homemade masala tastes fresher; the mix is adapted to your personal preferences; no artificial preservatives or colouring agents. Often tandoori masala […]