Triple Ginger – Strawberry Ice Cream Floats

Refreshing strawberry – ginger ice cream floats, with hints of rum & garden-fresh strawberries.

Ice cream soda floats are one of my favourite dessert. So every time I make ice cream, I always save a few scoops to make this bubbly and foamy summer treat. It’s the combination of rich ice cream and fizzy soda that makes ‘em so delicious.

The mix of strawberry – ginger ice cream, rum and ginger beer create this wonderful, foamy whipped topping that just makes you want to lick the bubbles at the top. And let’s not forget the juiciness of the fresh strawberries, they are just the perfect complement to the ice cream. If you like, top the float with some coconut whip and an extra drizzle of strawberry jam, why not!?

With every sip you get fizzy ginger beer, strawberry and gingery ice cream aromas. If you are serving these floats to kids, leave out the rum. Everybody will love the refreshing taste of it!

A perfect treat to cool you off this summer!




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Triple Ginger – Strawberry Ice Cream Floats

vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free


Serves 1:


A few fresh strawberries

1 tbsp strawberry jam

1 scoop Ginger – Strawberry Ice Cream

One shot dark rum (optional)

Ginger beer



Place the strawberry jam, strawberries and the ice cream in a glass or jar.

Add a shot of rum (if using) and fill the glass with ginger beer.

Stir, spoon, sip and enjoy!

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